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Commercial IP CCTV

Need eyes in the back of your head? Being in business can be a risk, Health and Safety, Security, Theft, Stock locations.

Review saved footage in reference to incidents, view work place safety.

Remote view of buildings for peace of mind (is there someone there who should not be?)

When people steal from your business, they are stealing from you!

With PanTiltZoom (PTZ) cameras veiw site information with more detail.

With integration for time date stamping of images e.g. Point Of Sale or weighbridge info.

With a SPECTEC installed CCTV system you can see what is happening from any location!

 Spectec uses IP cameras that support WIFI, no trenching needed, or use your Local Network to make communications more efficient and reduce cabling costs. Some of our supported product brands are:

  • Sony
  • AXIS IP Cameras and platforms
  • Dedicated Micros camera systems
  • Panasonic CCTV
  • Pelco CCTV
  • Pacom CCTV
  • Hikvision
  •  Vivotek


SPECTEC has significant experience in the installation and fault finding on general CCTV systems as well as:

360 Degree IP cam, software Allows DE-fishing from this

  • Petrol and service stations
  • Car sales yards
  • Pump cams
  • Imbedded text systems
  • PTZ control systems
  • Megapixel IP systems
  • LPR (licence plate recognition) systems


     New Scallop Imaging D7-180 Camera combines a constant 180°situational awareness




With substantial experience in the corporate and commercial sectors CCTV and security systems, we have a solution for you!

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SPECTEC is a registered security provider and is also site safe registered.




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